Direct Cremation




  • 5% discount for cash or check

  • Accommodations for Adults up to 300 lbs.

  • Transportation of your loved one to our facility

  • Refrigeration of the deceased while documentation is complete

  • Filing of the death certificate and disposition permit

  • A black plastic urn

TCC — One provided in the cost of direct burial package.

TCC — One provided in the cost of direct burial package.


Removal of the deceased from a residence or facility can be expected within 2 hours. (From a hospital within 24 hours.) Upon receipt of your loved one, our office will contact your family to make arrangements for all necessary documentation to be completed. This may be done in-office by appointment or remotely, via fax or email. When all state required paperwork has been completed with the family, and we have filed the death certificate with the County of death, we are issued a permit to go forward with the cremation. Payment must be made in full by the family at that time for the cremation to commence. The Next-of-Kin will be called by our office when the cremated remains are ready for pick up at the office of your choice.

Witness Cremation $250 additional

Some families prefer to be present at the time of the cremation. A witness cremation may be scheduled for this purpose. Cremation takes place at the crematory in Vista. Immediate family is allowed 20 minutes with the deceased in the cremation room.

It was my experience that they performed their task in a highly competent and compassionate manner, and I recommend them without hesitation.
— Thane T., Inglewood on Yelp

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